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Mobile American Notary & Apostilles in Los Angeles, California, can quickly capture and identify your fingerprint electronically.

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Live Scan fingerprinting makes the fingerprinting process quick and easy via cutting-edge technology. To get started, all you need is your current, valid photo ID.


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Your fingerprints will be checked against official government databases

After your fingerprint scans are processed, they’ll go directly to the employer or organization that requested them. In most cases, the employer or organization will receive the results within days. Prices start at $50 for Live Scan services (plus government fees that range from $20 to $80) with a $65 mobile fee if you would like us to come to you. When booking your Live Scan appointment, your credit card is only used to secure the appointment date/time and you won't be charged until after your appointment or if your appointment is canceled.

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Say Goodbye to Ink Smudges

  • When you need high-quality fingerprints for your important documents, skip the traditional ink pads. They’re messy, unreliable, and sometimes they can smudge and become illegible. At Mobile American Notary & Apostilles, we utilize Live Scan fingerprinting. It’s digital, fast, and eliminates all the problems caused by ink. Every scan provides consistent, clear images of your fingerprints.
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Why Choose Mobile American Notary & Apostilles?

We’re here to provide residents throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties with 24-hour mobile notary services. Whether you need one seal or twenty, our certified, licensed, and insured notary publics can help. Throughout our many years of combined experience, our team has performed thousands of notary signings.

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California Dentist Offices Now Require Live Scan Technology

Dentist offices in Los Angeles and California need Live Scans for various reasons such as:

1. Licensing: Some dentists may require a Live Scan to obtain or renew their dental license as a part of the licensing process.

2. Employment: Dental offices may need to perform a Live Scan on prospective dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, or other employees as a part of the hiring process.

3. Patient safety: Dental offices may want to ensure the safety of their patients by conducting a Live Scan on their employees to check for any criminal background or history of violent behavior.

4. Regulations: Some states and regulatory agencies require dental offices to conduct Live Scans on their employees as a part of their compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

A Live Scan is a digital fingerprinting process that captures the fingerprints of an individual and sends them to law enforcement agencies for a background check. This process helps to identify individuals with criminal history, thus protecting the safety of the dental office and its patients.

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Is an employer or organization requesting an official, notarized copy of your fingerprints? Contact Mobile American Notary & Apostilles. We proudly offer Live Scan fingerprinting in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. A certified California notary public from our team will meet with you within one hour at any location, including your home, 24-hours a day and seven days a week.

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